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 Nic Arte (Nicaraguan Art) began as a passion project after meeting a guitar builder/luthier in Nicaragua some years ago.  He repaired my guitar to like new condition and from there we formed a strong friendship.  Shortly thereafter, we began doing business together selling his guitars to international buyers. 

From that endeavor, I began buying his guitar scraps and making my own products, eventually giving breath to what is now Nic Arte.  As time went on, my friend took the business end of his guitars on by himself, while I continued creating new products, starting with my unique wooden bow ties and evolving into other unique creations that I like to categorize into functional art.   

While my friend continues making and selling his guitars from Nicaragua, the cost of importing the woods here into the US became too costly.  I now source all of my woods both locally and internationally from certified sources.

I make everything myself in my little workshop in Houston, Tx.  I do take custom orders on a case by case basis and also accept international orders.  Shipping prices will vary by country. 


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