In mid 2013, I began conceptualizing the idea of creating my own line of wooden bow ties after meeting & becoming friends with a guitar luthier in Nicaragua.  You can ask me about that story in person or via email.  I will, instead, tell you that after a lot of research, and drafting out many designs on pencil/paper, I started putting my own twist on wooden bow ties.  By using my surroundings as a palette to inspire my creativity and lead me to make some of the most creative physical items in my life, I was able to push other boundaries within myself that I hadn't yet explored and continue doing so today.  These "pushed boundaries", give life to my unique wooden bow ties.  I incorporate gemstones into my pieces, glow in the dark elements, carving elements and many different forms of, "Elements".  I pride myself in originality and conceptualizing new ideas in traditional and innovative foreign forms of creating and "Doing" art.   


I originally started out by sourcing my woods from Nicaraguan classical guitar scraps, but the shipping eventually became very costly and the political climate sort of put a halt to that.  I now source my exotic woods here in the United States, but they are derived from countries like Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico, Brazil, Africa, Germany, Spain, to name a few.  

It is with all of my time, love, respect and gratitude, that I thank you for visiting my website and I am certain that you will enjoy what you see.  

Please visit my Contact page if you wish to know more about me or to get in touch with me about custom orders. 

Thank you.